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Life Of A Princess


Chary Aguirre
2 August 1986

Basics: Chary. 26. Leo. August 2nd. Graphic Designer. English Teacher. Makeup Artist. Brown eyes. Older child. Funny. Easy-to-talk-to. Down-to-earth. Helpful. Laidback. Single. Friendly. Hermosillo, Sonora, México. Crazy. Goofy. Kind. Happy. Always smiling.

Loves: The color pink. Hanging out. Movies. Talking to her friends. Helping out people. Graphics in general. LiveJournal. Shopping. Victoria's Secret scents and creames. Handbags. Being organized. Italian and japanese food. Internet. Clubbing. Dancing. Random get-togethers at my house. My family. Honest people. Sincerity. Sleeping. Watching cheesy movies. Comfy clothes. Makeup. Being creative. Vintage tee's. Curious perfume. Glow perfume. Photography.

Loathes: Hypocrites. Fakes. Posers. Messy people. Cocky guys. Girls who think they're on top of the world. People who pretend to be punk. Criticism (unless it's constructive). Traitors. Two-faced people.

Music: Britney Spears ♥. Kelly Clarkson. John Mayer. Christina Aguilera. Backstreet Boys. 'N Sync. Maroon 5

Movies: A Walk To Remember. Grease. Enough. Titanic. Legally Blonde. Crossroads. John Q. Uptown Girls. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. The Incredibles. Robots. The Lion King. Miss Congeniality. The Passion Of The Christ. Thirteen. Man On Fire. Bring It On. The Princess Diaries. The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Butterfly Effect. Mean Girls. Freaky Friday. Ladies' Night. Inspiración. Shrek 1 & 2.

i'm in gryffindor!
'n sync, a walk to remember, abercrombie & fitch, aeropostale, aim, american eagle, arizona, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, avril lavigne, backstreet boys, ballads, being dorky, being nice, beyoncé, big brother, blends, board games, books, brandy, britney spears, brittany murphy, brushes, candles, cars, cd's, chasing liberty, chatting, chocolates, christina aguilera, coach, computers, country music, cross necklaces, crossroads, dancing, dawson's creek, delta goodrem, destiny's child, dickies, diet coke, dismissed, disney, disney movies, dolphins, dooney & bourke, dvd's, e.r, eyeshadows, facial products, facials, family, flash, flowers, fonts, forums, frapuccinos, freaky friday, french poodles, friends, full house, glitter, glow perfume, gobritney.com, graphic design, grease, handbags, hanging out, hardware, harry potter, helping people, icons, ipod's, jamba juice, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, john stamos, john travolta, justin timberlake, karaoke, keiko, kelly clarkson, l.a.m.b, l.e.i, la academia, layouts, levi's, lindsay lohan, livejournal, louis vuitton, magazines, makeup, mandy moore, march 3rd, mariah carey, matthew goode, mean girls, meeting new people, msn, mtv, music, my wife and kids, newlyweds, nick lachey, no doubt, organizing, patterns, photography, piña colada, popular, printed shirts, real world, reality tv, room raiders, rubber bracelets, sean paul, shane west, shopping, sin bandera, singing, skechers, sleeping, soap operas, software, stages, starbucks, step by step, stuffed animals, tail daters, teddy bears, the black eyed peas, the butterfly effect, the color pink, the davinci code, the lion king, the onyx hotel, the princess diaries, tv, uptown girls, urban outfitters, vanilla, vanilla frapuccinos, victoria's secret, von dutch, watching movies, webdesign, westlife, will smith, worldofbritney.com, yahir